2016 Pokemon City Championship Event Recap!

Our Pokemon City Championship Event was a ton of fun! We had a total of 86 players from all around the East Coast!

                                     Attendance: 86
Juniors: 19
1st: Liam H
2nd: Anthony C
3rd: Ryan P
4th: Walker H
Seniors: 20
1st: James P
2nd: Michael C
3rd: Nolan W
4th: Logan H
Masters: 48
1st: Peter Kirchman
2nd: Christopher Watkins
3rd: Chris Taporco
4th: Steven Varesco
5th: Alex Smetana
6th: Spencer Nalle
7th: Carter Copeland
8th: Jimmy Pendarvis

We’d like to thank David Tuskey and his staff for running this event here, as well as thanking everyone who attended. We look forward to hosting many more Pokemon events, check out some pics below of the action.

1923801_936893416398357_678030154009134647_n CY7jgvLWEAAbfiO



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