D.C. eSports Brings Smash 4 & Pokken to The Fantastic Store

The Fantastic Store in conjunction with D.C. eSports is pleased to announce weekly Smash 4 and Pokken video game tournaments starting May 4th. D.C. eSports brings one of the areas largest Smash communities together for an inexpensive, fun event that will run every Wednesday from 7:00-11:00 PM. With over 7500 combined followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch, players get their chance to showcase their skills to a worldwide audience through D.C. eSports’ live online streaming.

The Pokken event will run simultaneous to the Smash event with the ability for players to participate in both. Any player participating in both events will be able to do so for a total of $15. Individual events will cost $10 each.

With a play space that can host 150+ players, The Fantastic Store houses one of the largest play spaces in the D.C. / Northern Virginia area. Keep an eye out for special promotions and pot bonuses that will surely pack the venue and pay out some incredible top prizes! The first pot bonus special comes this Wednesday, May 4th as The Fantastic Store will provide a 100% venue fee bonus for each event! Make sure you don’t miss it!!

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