First Magic Event Recap


Thursday night marked a first for The Fantastic Store! Our inaugural Magic the Gathering tournament was held and was nothing but unbridled entertainment and good times.

After hosting a draft of Khans of Tarkir, participants played a best of 3, double elimination tournament with prizes being awarded to the top three finishers. 1st place received a sealed booster box, 2nd place received a sealed fat pack box, and 3rd place went home with five sealed boosters.

Pizza, Khans, and tons of fun were the themes of the night as everyone’s $10 entry fee was well worth the price of admission. Discounted booster packs, giveaways, and other promotions are always there to be had for all of our loyal customers who participate!

Keep on the look out for our announcement of the next MTG tournament to be held at The Fantastic Store and be sure to stop by for all your MTG needs (including our new singles department!!!!!)

-The Fantastic Store

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