Mar 03

Standard Win-A-Box + Wacky Draft – 3/5

Come join us on Saturday for some new MTG events at The Fantastic Store.

Starting at 11:00 AM, we will be running two different events that will fire when 8 players sign up.

Event #1 – Standard Win-A-Box – $12
– 8 player single elimination tournament
– First place wins a sealed booster box of OGW

Event #2 – Wacky Draft – $5 + Price of Chosen Packs
– Each player buys 3 packs of his/her choosing + $5 for the prize pool
– 30 Different packs to choose from!
– 3 Rounds of Swiss 
– 1st = $25 store credit, 2nd = $10 store credit, 3rd = $5 store credit

Packs available for Wacky Draft:

Oath of the Gatewatch
Battle For Zendikar
Dragons of Tarkir
Khans of Tarkir
Fate Reforged
2015 Core Set
Journey Into Nyx
Born of the Gods
2014 Core Set
Dragons Maze
Return to Ravnica
Avacyn Restored
Modern Masters 2015
7th Edition
Fifth Dawn
8th Edition
Mirrodin Besieged
Betrayers of Kamigawa

If events take too long to fire while waiting for 8 players, we will fire at a lesser number if agreed upon by players and adjust prize pool accordingly.

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Feb 26

FNM 2/26 – Draft $15 –

Come join us for Friday Night Magic starting at 7:00 PM. Since it is the last friday of the month, we will be uppeing the ante with a $15 draft and some HUGE prizes! If we get 16 players, we will be guaranteeing a full booster box to first place!

As always, we will be running a casual commander event in addition to FNM.

We will also be giving out the last of our FNM promos for February and will start taking signups for Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease!

Don’t miss it!

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Feb 22

Tuesday Night Magic Players Choice – Legacy Reigns Supreme!



The players have voted and Legacy has once again been chosen as the format for Tuesday night’s event! The casual event will start at 7:00 PM. We encourage anyone who is running late to give us a call (703-953-3131) and we will do our best to wait for you!

Although the event is casual, the players will have an option to submit $$ to a prize pool. All money in the prize pool will be given back to the players in prize support.

We hope to see everyone come Tuesday night!



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Feb 19

Friday Night Magic – Draft – $12

Come join us tonight for some FNM at The Fantastic Store at 7:00 PM! We will be running a draft for $12 with all entry fees given back to players in prize support!!

All new players to the store will receive a FREE PACK just for attending their first event in the store! We will also be giving out some of our extra FNM promos for the month of February to a few lucky guests!

See everyone tonight!

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Feb 12

Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Break Party – 2/20/16

On the heels of the successful National Hockey Card Day promotion, The Fantastic Store is happy to announce we will be teaming up once again with @AllHockeyVA to host a Upper Deck Series 2 Break Party on February 20th starting at 10 AM.



Customers are encouraged to come in and bust open the brand new Upper Deck Series 2 in search of the highly anticipated Jack Eichel Young Guns rookie and the Canvas Young Guns rookie of uber-star, Connor McDavid. Throughout the day, we will be giving away supplies, free packs, and other goodies to participating members of the break party. There will also be a best pull contest and rewards for anyone who builds a complete set or complete set with Young Guns.

We encourage attending members to preorder boxes by emailing You can also RSVP via Facebook.
-The Fantastic Store

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Feb 10

We are now a Core Level Store + Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease Date

The Fantastic Store is proud to announce it has reached core level status with Wizards of The Coast LLC. Effective immediately, we will be able to host Prerelease and Gameday events as well as give out FNM and Buy A Box Promos!

Our Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease date is set for Saturday, April 2nd. We will have more details as they become available.

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this accomplishment in an effective and efficient manner. We hope everyone had fun throughout the process and look forward to expanding the gaming side of our business, one achievement at a time!

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Feb 10

Pokemon VG: 2016 Virginia Midseason Showdown


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Feb 10

Pokemon VG: 2016 Premier Challenge Chantilly


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Feb 09

Now Hosting – Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournaments!



The Fantastic Store is proud to announce it’s newest addition to our ever-expanding gaming section. Starting on Feb 23rd, we will be hosting Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournaments! Please check back in the next week or two for a full schedule of upcoming tournaments! Information for our first event is below.

Venue Fee: $5
Tourney Entry: $5
Setup Discounts are unlikely at first, all are welcome to bring them though.

Doors open at 5:30, Bracket starts at 7:00. Seeding will be done to the best of the TO’s abilities, feel free to come to us before we start bracket with any concerns.

House Rules
– Apex 2015 Ruleset
– No Smoking/Vaping inside the venue (outside the store is fine)
– No Alcohol
– No intentional interruption, distraction, or collusion
– In the event of a console error, contact a TO.
– Do Not use tournament setups for friendlies

Do Not come to behind the commentators desk and start commentating without approval from a TO. 

Violating any of these rules can result in a suspension from this tournament series at the TOs discretion (We will listen to appeals).

1st Place: 50%
2nd Place: 25%
3rd Place: 15%
4th Place: 10%

(Subject to change, we will notify attendees in the event that happens)

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Feb 09

New Releases This Week (2/10/16 – 2/12/16)

Click on any of the product names below to see the box breakdown and details of what big hits each product holds.

As always we will match the website pricing in the store.

02/10/16 – 2015/16 Upper Deck Star Rookies Hockey Box Set
02/12/16 – Yugioh Wing Raiders Booster

All products are also available to purchase live, Mon-Fri, from 12-4 EST on BlowoutTV. As always, domestic shipping is free on all orders over $150!!

See you this week!

The Fantastic Store

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