Dec 27

Updated Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays cardboard lovers! Sad news - we will be unable to open the store today at 1 PM as previously stated. There is a possibility we may be opening from 3-6. Please check Facebook or Twitter for an update later in the day. We will be resuming normal business hours tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Dec 23

BGS & PSA Submissions Are Available For Pickup Now!

Did you happen to have some cards in one of our recent bulk submissions for either BGS or PSA? Good news - they will be available for pickup shortly after the New Year here in-store. Image result for bgs card

Image result for psa grade card

What better way is there to start off 2017 than with some newly graded cards!

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Dec 21

Holiday Hours at The Fantastic Store!

Tis the season for taking the time to spend with your loved ones! We'll be doing just that and hope you get the opportunity to do that same - check out our holiday business hours below and plan your shopping trips out accordingly:

Wednesday, 12/21 - Friday, 12/23: 11:00am - 6:00pm Saturday, 12/24 - Monday, 12/26: CLOSED Tuesday 12/27: 1:00pm - 6:00pm Wednesday ,12/28 - Friday, 12/30: 11:00am - 6:00pm Saturday, 12/31 - Monday, 1/2: CLOSED

We'll be re-opening during our regular business hours on Tuesday, 1/3. If we don't see you by the end of the week, we hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Image result for holiday hours

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Dec 20

What’s New At The Fantastic Store This Week? (12/20-12/23)

With the big holiday weekend ahead of us, we're getting some of the hottest new releases in the industry here in-store just in time for those last-minute shoppers! Check out this week's batch of releases below:

December 21st, 2016

2016 Bowman's Best Baseball

Image result for 2016 Bowman's Best

2016 Absolute Basketball

Image result for 2016 Absolute Basketball

2016 Certified Racing

2016 Panini Certified Racing Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

2016 Topps The Walking Dead Survival Kit

Image result for 2016 Topps Walking Dead Survival Box

2016 Topps Stadium Club Soccer

Image result for 2016 Topps Stadium Club Soccer

December 22nd, 2016

2016 Preferred Football

Related image

As always, please understand that it takes one business day between the release date and when we receive the item from our warehouse! Feel free to call us before coming in to confirm availability.

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Dec 17

Attention Customers: Hazardous Conditions Outside!

Good news? We all made it here in time to open the store and without any incident. Bad news? It's still very icy outside. If you're planning to come out to the store today, please proceed with caution! Our sidewalk is rather icy, so watch your step and get here safely! Image result for icy conditions

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Dec 16

December Pokemon Blowout! (Feat. Roaring Skies & Flashfire)

In addition to our current Roaring Skies deal, we've also added Flashfire booster packs into the mix - now's the time to go Shaymin and Charizard hunting. Check out our specials below, then plan a trip to come see us this holiday season!

Roaring Skies Booster Packs: $5.11/Pack from Tuesday-Friday; $4.11/Pack on Saturdays.

Flashfire Booster Packs: $4.11/Pack ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.


Give the gift of Pokemon this season!

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Dec 16

Aether Revolt Pre-Orders Are Available Now!

Spoiler season for the upcoming Aether Revolt set is upon us!

Like what you've been seeing so far? You can pre-order your copy each card that was spoiled starting today! With your pre-order you'll be able to reserve your copy of a card now, you'l be guaranteed to be able to pick up your card(s) here in-store on the day of release without the worry of us being sold out.

The beauty of it all? You're able to make this happen all from the comfort of your own home - now THAT'S convenience.

Click here to navigate to our Pre-Order Page!


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Dec 15

The Fantastic Store’s Fresh Restocks (12/15)

We just got some fresh product in here at The Fantastic Store! Whether it's a restock of a product you guys loved so much or a new release, we've got the following boxes available for sale right now:

16-17 UD Series One Hockey

15-16 UD Premier Hockey

16 ITG Used Hockey

16 Star Wars High Tek


Come get you some today!

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Dec 14

Pokemon League Challenge & MTG Standard Showdown – This Saturday!

Let's make our last Saturday event of 2016 a great one! In addition to our thrilling conclusion of MTG's Standard Showdown, we'll also be hosting a Pokemon League Challenge! Check out all of the information below:

Magic: The Gathering Standard Showdown - Week 4

Dates: December 17th Event Start: 11:00am Entry Fee: $10/Player Prizes: Prizes will be distributed to the top finishers and is based on attendance.

– Every player that shows up will get a 3-Card Promo Pack containing 1 Foil and 2 Non-Foil Rare/Mythic Rare. 1:33 packs have a Masterpiece or Expedition! – Cards are drawn from Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, and Kaladesh, – Each event will have a cap of 16 players; we encourage pre-registering here in-store should you plan on making it out to each event!

Pokemon League Challenge

Dates: December 17th Event Start: 1:00pm Entry Fee: $5 - Juniors; $6 - Masters. Prizes: Play for World Championship Points and other prizes based on attendance.

Image result for the fantastic store

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Dec 13

What’s New This Week at The Fantastic Store? (12/13-12/17)

What do Tim Tebow, Brandon Ingram, and Darth Vader have in common? If you said, "They're all featured in new hobby boxes starting this week." then you'd be correct. Check out what this week has to offer us below:

Wednesday, 12/14:

16 Elite Extra Edition Baseball

16-17 Totally Certified Basketball

2016 Star Wars High Tek

Friday, 12/16:

2016 Star Wars Rogue One Series 1

As always, please understand that it takes one business day between the release date and when we receive the item from our warehouse! Feel free to call us before coming in to confirm availability.

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