Apr 01

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Q2 Gaming Updates to The Fantastic Store

The Fantastic Store is pleased to announce a lot of new and exciting updates as we prepare to start Q2 for 2016! In this writeup, you will find all of our Pokemon TCG, Pokemon VG, Magic: The Gathering, and Super Smash Brothers schedules and updates!!

Pokemon TCG

As always, we will be running our normal Pokemon League almost every Saturday for the next three months. We now have a League Challenge event once per month where players can earn much needed Championship Points to help them on their quest to play in the Pokemon World Championships in August. League Challenges will be $5-6 depending on division while the general Pokemon League on Saturday’s is free to attend and play.


Come April 9th, we will also be hosting the largest Pokemon TCG event in the state starting at 10 AM when the Virginia Pokemon State Championship comes to The Fantastic Store. We are expecting upwards of 150 players in a fun-filled day of battles and fierce competition as we crown champions across all three division for the state of Virginia. There will be tons of prizes, raffles, and giveaways including an exclusive giveaway which is only being offered to players who preregister for the event. See the flyer below for complete details including how to preregister!


Magic: The Gathering

April begins with a bang for Magic as the Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease is upon us. The event is this Saturday, April 2nd starting at 11:00 AM and there are still a limited number of spots available. The entry fee is $25 which guarantees you a prerelease kit containing 6 booster packs, 1 collectible dye, and an exclusive prerelease foil promo. Every player who stays and plays one round in the event will also receive an additional booster pack for a total of 7 packs!! Prizes will be awarded to the top 16 finishers in the event! Email Buffi@blowoutcards.com to preregister today!!

Our FNM and Tuesday Night Magic schedules have also been released. We’ve made a few changes to the formats we offer and the pricing:

  • All FNM drafts are now $15
  • We are now hosting a Standard Event every Friday for $5 with all $$ going back to the players in prize support
  • Tuesday nights will be Standard Win-A-Box for $12. We will fire at 8 players with a full booster box going to the winner



After our successful sealed event for Oath of the Gatewatch, we have decided to replicate the event for Shadows Over Innistrad on May 7th. We’ve made a few minor changes to the prize structure including a participation based incentive to add up to 4 more boxes to the prize pool!

Prizes (based off 50 or less players):

1st – 3 Booster Boxes

2nd – 2 Booster Boxes

3rd & 4th – 1.5 Booster Boxes each

5th-8th – 12 Packs each


50+ Players – 1 booster box will be added to the prize pool

75+ Players – 2 booster boxes will be added to the prize pool

100+ Players – 3 booster boxes will be added to the prize pool

128 players – 4 booster boxes will be added to the prize pool


Preregister by emailing Buffi@Blowoutcards.com or by calling the store during normal business hours!

Pokemon Video Games

The Pokemon Video Game circuit is returning to the Fantastic store for at least two events in the next 3 months. If you are in town for the TCG State Championship, we recommend you also swing by and play in the 2016 VGC Chantilly Midseason Showdown on April 10th. You can also join us a little over a month later for the 2016 VGC Chantilly Swampert Premier Challenge on May 14th. All information is on the flyers below!


Super Smash Brothers

The Fantastic Store has been delighted with the turnout and support we have received for our initial Super Smash Brothers: Melee events. We have decided to continue hosting events every other Tuesday starting at 7:00 PM. Entry fee is $10 per player with half of that going back to the players in prize support. For the full schedule, please consult our gaming event calendar.


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