Tuesday Night Standard – Magic: The Gathering

We’ve got a huge announcement regarding the future of our Tuesday Night Magic events! We’ll still be running Tuesday Night Standard events, but we’ll be changing our prize structure a bit. Instead of doing the Win-A-Box events, we’ll be doing a $10 Entry Fee with prizes available for the top finishers each night!

  • We will scale the total number of packs based upon participation.
  • We are no longer awarding “win-a-box” to first place. Feedback has been that this was too “top heavy.” We will be awarding MULTPILE top placers with approximately 50%/25%/15%/10% of the prize pool.
  • There’s a possibility of¬†increasing the prize distribution beyond 4th place finish as the number of participants increases!

Here’s to new beginnings – we can wait to see you all tomorrow night at the Tuesday Night Standard event!

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