Aug 09

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Turn Your Pokemon Cards Into Cash!


Here at The Fantastic Store, we’re currently paying top dollar for your old, unwanted Pokemon Cards!

Does your desk look like this?


We’ll be happy to take that clutter off of your hands and put some cash in your wallet!

  • For any Common, Uncommon, Rare, Reverse Holo, or Trainer cards in Near-Mint to Mint condition, we’re currently paying $.05/Card in cash ($.06/Card in store credit), a rate you won’t find any where else.
  • We’re also looking for Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, EXs, and Full Arts – bring them in and we’ll make you a cash offer.
  • While they’re definitely necessary to the game, we’re currently not taking in basic Energy Cards.

In order to save time when you get here, please prepare your trade-in by doing the following:

  • Remove all cards from any binders, protective sleeves, etc.
  • Have all of your cards facing the same direction.
  • Please make sure cards are transported securely in order to prevent any incidental damage; rubber bands are a card’s worst nightmare.

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