Aug 04

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Update to our Pokemon Bulk Submission Program – *PLEASE READ*

We’ve made some changes to our currently Pokemon Bulk Submission program here at The Fantastic Store, please make note of the changes below.


  • For any Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Trainer cards in Near-Mint to Mint condition, we’re currently paying $.03/Card in store credit; a rate you won’t find any where else.
  • For Reverse Holos/Holos, we’re currently paying $.10/Card in store credit!
  • We’re also looking for Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, EXs, and Full Arts – bring them in and we’ll make you a CASH offer.
  • While they’re definitely necessary to the game, we’re currently not taking in basic Energy Cards.
  • From here on out, we are only accepting in-store submissions of 2,000 cards or less per person per week. We will NOT be accepting any more mail-in submissions!
  • We will only be taking in bulk submissions throughout the business day from 1pm – 5pm on Tuesday-Thursday, 11am – 5pm on Friday, and 10am – 5pm on Saturdays.

In order to save time when you get here, please prepare your trade-in by doing the following:

  • Remove all cards from any binders, protective sleeves, etc.
  • Have all of your cards facing the same direction.
  • Please make sure cards are transported securely in order to prevent any incidental damage; rubber bands are a card’s worst nightmare.

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