Jan 18

This Week’s New Releases! (1/17-1/20)

Whether you're waiting for new Pokemon, Magic, or any sports products, this is the week you've been waiting for. Check out what's coming down the pipeline this week below:

January 18th, 2017

16/17 Limited Basketball

2016/17 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey

Star Trek 50th Anniversary

January 20th, 2017:

16-17 Limited Football

Magic: The Gathering - Aether Revolt

As always, please understand that it takes one business day between the release date and when we receive the item from our warehouse! Feel free to call us before coming in to confirm availability.

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Jan 17

Pokemon Sun & Moon Pre-Release – This Saturday!

We've all been waiting for it - the Sun & Moon release day is just around the corner! Want to get your hands on some of the cards before anyone else? Come out to our big Sun & Moon Pre-Release event this Saturday at 1:00 pm here at our event room!

General Details:

Date: Saturday January 21st , 2017 Check-In Time: 12:00pm - 12:30pm Event Kick-Off: 1:00pm Event Entry: $30/Player Event Pre-Registration Link: http://sites.google.com/site/virginiapokemon

Any questions? Please email va.pokemon@gmail.com and they'll get an answer to you ASAP!

Image result for Pokemon Sun and Moon TCG

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Jan 12

Turn Your Old Magic & Pokemon Cards Into Cash!

Got any old gaming cards lying around the house? Bring them on into The Fantastic Store and turn those cards into cash! Check out our rates below:


  • For any Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Trainer cards in Near-Mint to Mint condition, we're currently paying $.05/Card in cash ($.06/Card in store credit), a rate you won't find any where else.
  • For Reverse Holos/Holos, we're currently paying $.20/Card in cash ($.25/Card in store credit!
  • For Basic Energies. we're currently paying $.02/Card in cash OR store credit!
  • We're also looking for Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, EXs, and Full Arts - bring them in and we'll make you a cash offer.
  • While they're definitely necessary to the game, we're currently not taking in basic Energy Cards.
In order to save time when you get here, please prepare your trade-in by doing the following:
  • Remove all cards from any binders, protective sleeves, etc.
  • Have all of your cards facing the same direction.
  • Please make sure cards are transported securely in order to prevent any incidental damage; rubber bands are a card's worst nightmare.
Image result for pokemon cards

Magic: The Gathering:

We now have an online buylist tool that'll enable you to research exactly how much you can expect for your cards right from your couch!

Image result for magic the gathering cards

Check out our online buylist here!

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Jan 10

Aether Revolt Pre-Release Registration is LIVE!

Pre-registration is LIVE for this Saturday's Aether Revolt Pre-Release Event. For just $25, get your hands on some cards from the new set before it drops on January 20th and compete for additional prizes!

Call us or come in today to reserve your spot in this weekend's pre-release!

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Jan 06

We Are Now Taking Submissions for PSA/BGS Grading Orders!

From now through the Saturday, January 14th, we'll be accepting any cards that you may want to send in to get graded by either BGS or PSA! Check out our Group Submission Bulk Rates Below:

BGS Grading Order:

Price Per Card: $12 for a 30-Day Service

PSA Grading Order:

Price Per Card: $9 for Bulk Submission*

Image result for graded cards

*We'll let you know upon inspecting submissions whether or not the card qualifies for PSA Bulk Submission Rates.

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Jan 05

Aether Revolt Pre-Orders Are LIVE!

As a friendly reminder, we've got all of the latest spoiled Aether Revolt cards available for pre-order now on our website!
Image result for aether revolt
We're also taking pre-orders for Common/Uncommon playsets for $30; these will be available for pickup on Tuesday, January 24th. Please call us and inquire about how you can reserve yours today.

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Jan 04

New Releases at The Fantastic Store: 2017 Edition

New Week. New Year. New Hot Products.

That's. Just. How. We. Do.

Check out what new releases are coming down the pipeline this week!

Thursday, January 5th:

2016/17 Trilogy Hockey


Friday January 6th:

2016 Contenders Football

Pokemon Break Evolution Box: Arcanine

Pokemon Mythical Collection Boxes: Volcanion & Magearna

As always, please understand that it takes one business day between the release date and when we receive the item from our warehouse! Feel free to call us before coming in to confirm availability.

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Jan 03

We’re Bringing 2017 In With Some Huge Events!

Hello, 2017 - let's kick this year off on the right foot here in our event room! Whether you're into Magic, Pokemon, or Super Smash Bros, January is packed with events for you all to enjoy. Check out what's coming down the pipeline this week:
  • 1/3 - Super Smash Bros Melee Weekly Tournament (50% Pot Bonus!)  and Tuesday Night Standard for MTG
  • 1/4 - Super Smash Bros Wii U Weekly Tournament (50% Pot Bonus!)
  • 1/7 - Saturday Morning Standard MTG at 11:00 am AND Pokemon League Challenge
No automatic alt text available.

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Dec 30

Saturday Standard @ The Fantastic Store is Coming In 2017!

Attention all Magic Players: after the outstanding success that was the Standard Showdown events earlier this month, we've decided to keep that momentum going and continue to run our very own Saturday morning Standard events here at The Fantastic Store! Event Start: 11:00am Innagural Event Date: 1/7 Entry Fee: $10/Player Prizes: Prizes will be issued in store credit, distributed to the top finishers in the event. The amount of prize support will be dependent upon attendance - the more players, the more prizes! Image result for kaladesh

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Dec 28

The Fantastic Store is OPEN From 12/28-12/30!

Hello, you beautiful people - did you miss us like we missed you?

We wanted to shoot a reminder that our doors will be open during regular business hours today, Thursday, and Friday so that you can get your card fix before the new year! Stop on in between the hours of 11:00am - 6:00pm this week and give us a visit! ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** - From now until next week, our events will be on a hiatus; they'll be back to their regularly scheduled times starting in 2017! Image result for now open

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