Pokemon Competitive Play-Testing Event – This Saturday!

All are welcome to the Chantilly Saturday Pokémon Tournament! It’s a great place to start, practice, or test decks; and learn the rules of the game to prepare for premier tournaments. Check-in goes from 2:00 to 2:30 pm. You will find fellow players casually playing games and trading during the Pokémon League session (that precedes the tournament). The tournament will begin around 2:45 pm.

Tournament format is Standard Swiss. Each round is a single-game and 30-minutes. Total rounds based on number of players participating, but will be no less than 3 rounds. No matter if you win or lose, all players play ALL rounds.

Competitive Tournament Entry Fee: $1

Prizes: All players receive a promo card for participating. Top finishers win prizes (packs or other Pokemon-themed products based on attendance).

Please note: Proxies are not allowed in tournaments. (Feel free to use whatever you like for casual play.)

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